Saturday, March 18, 2017

Who are the Browns not Taking at 12th Overall?

      The buzz is that the Browns will take Mitchell Trubisky if he is available at 12th overall, and maybe some other quarterback even if he is not.  All right, but does that mean we are drafting a quarterback no matter who else is available (i.e., do we really think he is the best prospect other than Myles Garrett).  But who is it that we are not taking? If Jonathan Allen somehow slides to Number 12, we're not going to draft him?   I think you have to, because he's a sensational disruptor as a defensive tackle, with the quickness to play defensive end. 
    Marshon Lattimore is that true shutdown cornerback that everone talks about, with 4.36 speed.  Gotta have him!   
  Similarly I think after running a 4.3 at his Pro Day, Jamal Adams is going to be a top draftee. He's been a phenomenal player and running a 4.3 will make the scouts drool.   
     Solomon Thomas is a monster DE from Stanford. Got to have him on my team before taking a flyer on a quarterback.      Derek Barnett is a premier sack artist, with 33 sacks in the past three years at Tennessee.  Many analysts like him even more than Jonathan Allen. You can't pass up that kind of talent can you? 
   Then there's Mike Williams, who I think is an outstanding wide receiver, the best in the draft, and we are short on help after losing Terrelle Pryor and having a disappointing rookie campaign from Corey Coleman. I couldn't see passing him up if he drops to 12.    
    Carm Robinson?  A monster tackle who was a huge reason for Alabama's success.  No way to I pass on him if he's available at Number 12.
    Earnest Byner posted that he likes Dalvin Cook even a bit better than Fournette.  For that reason I've got Dalvin ranked a little ahead of Fournette, although I like the short yardage capability of a big back like Fournette.    I think both of those guys are going to be dominant running backs for years to come.
     Speaking of physical freaks, there's O. J. Howard at tight end.  A lot of fans would not draft a tight end that high, but in my opinion you can play multiple tight end sets if they are good enough.   O. J. is 6'6, 250 and ran 4.51.  Oh my.  I have to take him if he's available. 
     Rubin Foster has been criticized for throwing a temper tantrum at the Combine.  Well, ok, but we're looking at him at linebacker not Pope.  Linebackers are just knd of crazy, and so I'm not turned off by linebackers just because they act like linebackers.
     Leonard Fournette rounds out my Top 12.  I really like his potential for picking up tough yards at the goal line.  Sign me up for some of that. 
    I think I would take any of those  guys ahead of Trubisky.   He comes in at about 13,.  That means that if the other teams draft using my talent evaluations (I doubt it), then Trubisky might be on the board when it is the Browns' turn at 12.   But rally the quarterback is not necessarily the biggest impact player even at 12.   I would go with one of these guys instead of MItchell.  I honestly think it is a deep draft with the top guys looking like legit Pro Bowl candidates very soon.   
    Mitchell looks like a great prospect, but one without a lot of experience.  It might take a while to get him ready for the NFL.  I think he's a first round draft choice, but this year I really see a big difference from the front end of the draft compared to the back end. The Top 12 in this draft really is loaded with top talent, though not necessarily at the quarterback position. I believe that some of these guys are going to grow up to be Pro-Bowlers, All-Pros, and even  Hall of Fame players.     

My top 12 looks like this:

Myles Garrett DE  TAMU 
Jonathan Allen DT Alabama
Marshon Lattimore CB   Ohio State     
Jamal Adams SS LSU
Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford
Derek Barnett DE Tennessee
Mike Williams  WR Clemson 
Cam Robinson T Alabama  
Dalvin Cook RB Florida State

O. J. Howard TE Alabama
Reubin Foster LB Alabama
Leonard Fournette  RB LSU

Mitchell Trubisky, QB North Carolina

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