Sunday, July 10, 2016

Go In Peace, Kevin Durant

      As a Cleveland fan, I was dismayed that Kevin Durant has decided to join a supremely talented Golden State Team. But in my heart I am totally okay with Kevin doing what he thinks is best for himself.     
        Kevin's decision may not serve the majority of the fans, but that does not make it his fault that the system is designed that way.  
       Pro sports have had to evolve as a business to suit the needs of the players, owners and fans.   I didn't like it when LeBron left Cleveland, and I'm sure Miami fans didn't like it when he returned to Cleveland.  But that and a thousand other incidents  concerning player movement is not the fault of Kevin Durant, and it doesn't get fixed by Kevin Durant making some decision that the fans want (namely, we all want Kevin Durant on OUR team!!).  
     Kevin didn't create the system, so he has to make the decision at this point in time is the best overall for himself, his family and friends.   It's not easy to make that decision, and it's not clear that he made the best decision.  But it is his decision, and it should be respected.  
     I don't agree with the sportswriters who think KD needs to be guided by some higher form of morality that only sportswriters can discern.   It's his right, and he's exercising his right.  This is the way the system is designed to work.  
     If you don't like it you can change it in the future.  And probably it will be improved in the future, but that doesn't mean the present system is Kevin Durant's fault or his responsibility to fix unilaterally. 

It may well be that the current NBA collective agreement has some features in it that don't serve the majority of fans. That is not the fault of Kevin Durant. 

That said, I hate Golden State and hope they lose in the first round of the playoffs next year!