Sunday, October 16, 2016

Another Tough Loss, Titans 28 Browns 26

It's getting a bit repetitious.   The Browns are not a good football team right now, but they can play pretty much even up against other not-so-good teams like Tennessee.  

Some takeaways:

i.  Terrelle Pryor was awesome again, all over the field making unbelieveable catches.  An amazing talent.  I was very worried that the Browns were going to lose him, but then I remembered we have the option to franchise him.  Yes he is worth $15 million dollas for  next year.  Definitely.   

ii.  We had some good results from the defensive line, which has started to show up against the run, Emmanuel Ogbah, Carl Nassib and Danny Shelton have been stepping it up. Shelton had a fantastic game, limiting the Titans' Demarco Murray and even sacking Mariota.  We are hurting in the secondary, however, and overall we are still very weak. You can't give up 30 points a week and make a living in the NFL.

iii.  Cam Erving was an impact player again, and not in a positive way.  I was amazed to see a Titans pass rusher put him on his butt by pushing him with one hand.  Amazing. Erving was also in trouble for trash talking to the point where Josh McCown had to help get him off the field to disengage his mouth. Erving missed several blocks and is trying to kill Cody Kessler.  This is not good.  Something is very wrong with the Browns center.  Maybe he's not healthy yet, I don't know.  

iv.  Cody Kessler is performing at a very high level for a rookie.  Yes, Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott are better.   Yes, it's a limited data set, but Kessler is ranked about 16th in QB rating with 87.9.   The team is moving the ball, scoring points and not turning it over.   I'm not sure that we don't have our quarterback.  

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Redskins are Decrepit, Browns More So, 31-20

     The Browns are not a very good team.  But they were able to keep pace with another poor team in the Washington Redskins for a while, before turnovers did them in in the second half.  

Matt Jones, 31, was a huge reason why the Browns could not limit the Washington Redskins.  

    Cody Kessler, Isaiah Crowell, Gary Barnidge and Terrelle Pryor stood out for the offense again.  The Browns wound up passing more than they should have, partly due to the situation, but Crowell gained 112 yards on only 15 carries (note:  he should get 20 carries at least if we are fielding a rookie third string quarterback).  

     Kessler is not terrible.  Yes he makes rookie mistakes, holds onto the ball sometimes and things like that.  But he got good yardage and was generally very efficient.  He's very accurate and throws a very catchable ball.  Put it this way, he looked better today than the Patriots' Jacoby Brissett, who was taken ahead of him.   The star rookie qbs are Carson Wentz famously taken with the Browns number two overall pick in Round One, and Dak Prescott, who was taken after Cody.   

   Barnidge and Pryor again made some nice catches for decent yardage, with some help from Duke Johnson coming out of the backfield.  

     Defensively, special kudos to Cam Johnson who rejoined the Browns after being re-signed to replace injured Nate Orchard.   Johnson was terrific getting to Redskins qb Kirk Cousins three times.   But overall, the Browns flopped against the run, as Matt Jones looked like Red Grange, gaining 117 yards on 25 carries, including big yardage in the second half.  In the secondary, Jamar Taylor came up with a big interception, and the Browns also had decent performances from Emmanuel Ogbah, Chris Kirksey and Jordan Poyer.

    New kicker Cody Parkey was two-for-two in field goals after having a bad first game last week.  I think he'll be all right.