Sunday, June 18, 2017

If LeBron Wanted to be the GOAT, he Would Go to Golden State

It's a completely idiotic thought, but if LeBron James wanted to be considered the Greatest of All Time, he would go play for the Golden State Warriors.   I do not believe for a minute that he would do it, but hear me out.  

All the idiot sportswriters say that MJ is better than LeBron because he won 6 NBA Championships, and LeBron had "only" 3.  First of all I hate these discussions because it's a team game, and we're trying to project team success onto a single individual.  That's nonsense.  Second, since the guys played in different eras, they can't play each other so the dispute can't be resolved.  But many of the sportswriters seem to cling to the notion that it's the number of championship rings that the player has collected (and if that is the case, I give you Mr. Bill Russell, with 11 rings as a player).   Nevertheless, if LeBron decided he was willing to take a giant pay cut, he could sign with Golden State, and probably get five more rings.   With Duran, James, Curry, Green and Thompson they would be unstoppable, and could probably win even if they lost two superstars.      

Not one, not two not three...but probably seven or eight rings.  I hope it never happens. 

The NBA would be a really boring league and no would like it. But if that's the way you want to define greatness, it's there for the taking.  I pray that LeBron doesn't care what the sportswriters think, and that he will continue to play for his hometown that loves him.  But it does cross my mind...