Saturday, March 4, 2017

Is Myles Garrett Really Worth the Number One Overall Pick? Yes.

     Stop the presses!  I have just written a blog criticizing Myles Garrett for not putting up huge numbers, but his combine numbers are out of this world.  I'm tearing the old blog up and writing a new article.   Myles Garrett has blown his critics out of the water with the single most impressive performance at the Combine this year.  
     Let's start with the Bench Press.   33 reps which would have been 35 except he didn't have proper form on two of them.  That's the same level as Danny Shelton, meaning he is as strong as King Kong.
     Then he goes and runs 4.64 in the 40 yard dash.  That is extremely fast for a defensive end, though not as fast as Jadeveon Clowney.  Then add a 41 inch vertical leap and very long arms, and it is clear that quarterbacks will be challenged to throw the ball over or around him.  

    No doubt this is the greatest combine performance of the year.   I think it makes up for otherwise weak numbers his senior year.  For example, Myles played 8 games against Division I team last year and only had 4 sacks against them (4.5 sacks against meaningless Conference USA competition).  
    In addition, Myles did not do well against ranked teams last year and in particular Alabama handled him well.   Check this film yourself, in which he actually got some good stats, and also don't forget to watch the astounding sack by Jonathan Allen at 2:28.  I came away with the idea that Cam Robinson should also be a first round pick.  He's outstanding. 

     On the plus side, Myles had 15 tackles for loss last year, which is outstanding, and shows his ability to penetrate 
   Teams held him, double teamed him and ran to the opposite side a lot to avoid him. Plus the colleges use a lot of shotgun and spread formations which means fewer opportunities for sacks in college. I'm still a bit wary about Garrett's relative lack of statistical production, but you can not ignore his combine performance.  This guy is an incredible athlete.  The scouts are right.  

Emmanuel Ogbah might have to shift to the left side if the Browns acquire Myles Garrett.  
   The guy Myles wants to replace is Emmanuel Ogbah, a second round choice who was a rookie last year. He is the same size as Garrett, meaning he is probably best suited to be a 4-3 defensive end.  He will have to shift to the left side and share some time with fellow second year man Carl Nassib, who seemed to spend a lot of time in opposing backfields last year.  

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