Sunday, March 26, 2017

Is MItchell Trubisky a Number One Pick (or close to it)?

    Is Mitchell Trubisky worthy of being the top overall pick? This year might be a bit of an anomaly because Myles Garret is  I thought it might be interesting to compare him to Andrew Luck and Cam Newton, who were the most obvious number one picks of the past several years.   I've listed some parameters for what I think are important. Your list might be different than mine.  In particular, you'll notice that I didn't list the quarterback's rushing stats at all, because I care not a whit how well how much yardage he gets on the ground.  In fact, I'd rather than he not run much.  
     There's not much to complain about.  Each of the quarterbacks has a good or better rating on virtually everything.  In light blue I've shown instances in which the numbers are not quite as good as the others.  
     Mitchell's nunbers are comparable to Andrew's and Cam's but probably not quite as good.   None of the three really blew you away with stats. The single most impressive stat is that Mitchell went 624 yards between interceptions, which is very very good, especially since he did not have much talent surrounding him  
    Mitchell did well at the combine but didn't really blow away the competition.   He turned out to be an inch shorter than advertised and is not as big as Andrew or Cam.  Cam is a bit bigger, faster and quicker than his counterparts, but Andrew probably throws a distinctly better ball than Mitchell or Cam.  MItchell was tied for fourth in the 2017 class for ball velocity, so he is very good but not special in that regard.  Accuracy is his real strength. 
      Mitchell would have had to destroy the Combine to be the first overall pick, in my view, but that didn't happen. Defensive End Myles Garrett is the guy who who made jaws drop and eyeballs bulge, and that is part of the reason why he will be the first overall pick.   
    I grade Mitchell as the top quarterback in the draft, but a little bit short of the past standard for first overall pick.  Besides, history proves that NFL teams overvalue quarterbacks in the first round anyway, as the failure rate is too high.   If I were GM of the Browns I would tend to other priorities in the first part of the draft.  



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