Monday, April 11, 2016

The Village Elliot's Predictions for the NFL Draft 2016

I'm back, despite whiffing on key predictions on the NFL Draft last year, I'm back for more.  

1.  The Browns will not draft a quarterback at #2 overall. Instead they will trade down.  The Browns are committed to use "analytics" in the draft to make the best investments possible.  To me this means that they are going to draft the best players available.   Wentz, Goff and Lynch are all pretty good prospects, but none are in the class of Cam Newton or Andrew Luck.  So we'll either draft another position or trade the #2 overall pick for about three picks.  Browns fans will not like this, as they tend to view the three veterans (RG3, McCown and Davis) as a disaster with only the top rookie as a Messiah (though there is no agreement which rookie is best).    

2.  We will stockpile some assets for 2017.   I think if other teams want to move up in 2016 the Browns will help them do it.   

3. Travis Henry will be drafted in the first round.  No, he doesn't look like a classic tailback, and today's NFL de-emphasizes running backs but he is bigger stronger and faster than anyone else and I think he is an All-Pro. 

Derrick Henry is a beast.  He's huge, fast and doesn't fumble.  I think he's a first round talent.  

4.   LaQuon Treadwell will not be the first wide receiver taken, mainly because he is a bit slow.  Still a very good player, I look for him to go about 25th overall and maybe later.  This is not a great draft for wide receivers. 

5.  It is a great draft for cornerbacks.   I look for about four or five of them to be drafted in the first round, led by Jalen Ramsey, who may be the top guy overall.  

3.  The Browns will draft a quarterback of the future, but probably in round 2 or 3.   Someone like Connor Cook, Cardale Jones or Kevin Hogan might be available. 

4.  The Browns will draft a cornerback, because there are several good ones and the Browns need help there.  

5.  The Browns will be very aggressive after the draft in signing undrafted rookies.   Elsewhere in this blog I make the claim that undrafted rookies may be a better source of talent than the veteran Free Agent pool.  You play it differently however.  With undrafted rookies you have to take about ten of them to find one good player.  I think they may spend a little salary cap money on (small) bonuses for undrafted rookies.   

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