Sunday, January 29, 2017

Browns 2017 Off-Season. Conditioning

     Off-seaon conditioning is usually overlooked in the media. But it is a huge factor for success in the NFL though perhaps not as interesting as free agents and drafting. 
      If you listen to guys like Coach Earnest Byner, Jerry Rice, Cris Carter, Tom Brady, Mark Schlerreth, Emmitt Smith and guys like that,  they all stress the importance of conditioning specifically for the NFL.   They all say there is a big difference from being able to run sprints and exercise versus being in shape for the NFL. Otherwise, you may be able to run 4.4 and have a great bench press, but you can still pull muscles and be susceptible to injuries and shorten your career.  For what it's worth, Brady is fond of saying that the Super Bowl is won in the off-season.  Maybe he knows what he is talking about.  
    I'm just a fan, not a player or expert by any means, but you can see any number of NFL workout regimes on Youtube and other places.  Most of them are rather watered down because the average person can't do it.  If it lasts less than four hours, it's not a real NFL workout regimen.  I did like a document posted on the web by the Houston Texans that carries the basics:
Texans Training

    The Browns have a staff of about seven, with one vacancy after the departure of Joe Kim, a martial arts coach who worked primarily with the Defensive Line.  The Browns have had the same Director since 2015 in Adam Beard.  
     There have been some issues relating to conditioning for several years.  in 2016, first round pick Corey Coleman was not in shape, according to Coach Hue Jackson.  And after watching Browns linemen on both sides fo the ball be physically bullied, I think there is a question as to whether our team's conditioning is where it needs to be.  
    An exception was Danny Shelton who showed up lighter and stronger than his rookie year in 2015.  But at that time we learned that Shelton was way overweight in 2015, weighing at least 355 pounds.  My question is, how was he even allowed to compete being that far out of spec?   

    That same year Coach Wilbert Montgomery blasted his running backs for showing up to camp out of shape. That year the Browns had an incredible number of hamstring pulls in training camp. Then of course there is Johnny Manziel, who never seemed to have time to train. 
      2016 was not a watershed year in the development of the young Browns team, but from a conditioning standpoint there was some evidence of improvement.  
      In 2017, hopefully the Browns will continue to improve. Hopefully they will start to push the other teams around at the line of scrimmage. In particular I'm hoping to see guys like Carl Nassib and Emmanuel Ogbah hold their ground on the DL.  Cam Erving improved significantly over the year, but still wasn't good enough to start in the NFL.  Maybe racking up some more weight and reps in the weight room might help him.  I'm hoping to see Danny Shelton continue to improve, and hopefully Corey Coleman will do what he needs to do to improve on an underperforming rookie season.  
 Maybe he set the standard.  
     To be clear, the Village Elliot is not an athlete and is not speaking from personal experience on conditioning in the NFL.  I just go jogging and lift in the YMCA and that' about it.        But just going but what I see from a fan's perspective, the Browns Strength and Conditioning staff seem to have improved since 2015, but there is a lot of room for improvement also.  

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