Sunday, September 25, 2016

Excruciating Overtime Loss to the Dolphins, 30-24

    An excruciating loss to be sure, but I'm still drinking the Kool-Aid.  This team is improved from last week.  They played exciting football and should have beat Miami. 

    Terrelle Pryor was a superstar today.  He played wide receiver, quarterback and halfback all in the same game and starred at everything he did.  What a player!

Terrelle Pryor was a monster, catching the ball, throwing the ball and running the ball.   

    Very importantly, Cody Kessler looks like a quarterback.  I don't know that he is better than Colt McCoy, but he is okay to be on the team as a backup for now, and maybe next year or the year after he will challenge for the starter's job.  

    So yes it feels horrible that we blew the game.  We had to pick up a new kicker in Cody Parkey on Saturday, and he was not able to perform on Sunday. He missed three ordinary kicks today.   We'll either sign someone new or else this fellow will improve.  He played in the Pro Bowl a few years back, so he may not be terrible.  He needs some reps with the long snapper and the holder, and he will make more of those kicks.  Still, Browns fans have been accustomed to good Special Teams play dating back to the Phil Dawson and Josh Cribbs era, but it may not be the same now.   

    Also on the downside, we still gave up way too many hits on the quarterback and too many sacks.  In the short run, it was excruciating, but I believe in Hue Jackson, and this team is definitely getting better.   

Cody Kessler wasn't great, but for a rookie third stringer, he played very well.  

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