Sunday, September 11, 2016

Browns Crushed by Sure Fire Hall of Famer Carson Wentz and the Eagles.

Carson Wentz was a superstar in his frist NFL game, throwing for 278 yards and a quarterback rating of 101.0.   Sashi Brown, please explain again why he was considered not good enough for our team?

Another NFL opening day, and another crushing defeat by the Browns, 29-10, this time at the hands of their longtime nemesis, the  Philadelphia Eagles. 

It wasn't just losing, it was the way they lost.  They traded away signing rights for Carson Wentz, the kid from South Dakota State who didn't even play in NCAA Division 1.  After only 1 game in a preseason shortened by injury, he comes out and looks like Joe Montana.  Honestly, the kid was amazingly accurate.  

The Browns front office reportedly did not regard Wentz as a top tier prospect, and accordingly traded him away  (see for example cle 247 sports ). And then, being totally unprofessional, they bragged about it to ESPN, saying that Wentz will never be a top 20 quarterback.  Well guys, he's top 20 now, after one game.  The right answer would have been to say that we think the world of Carson, but you have to give up something good to get something good, blah blah blah.  Now you look like idiots.  Well, get used to it.  

So if Wentz is a really good quarterback, what does that say about management?  If he stinks, what does it say about our defense?   No doubt we vaulted him to the top echelon of NFL quarterbacks for one game.  

Were there some good things from the Browns point of view? Sure there were.  For one thing, they were better against the run, holding Philadelphia to 3.9 yards per  carry.  Cam Erving was horrific, hiking the ball over RG3's head and out of the end zone, resulting in a safety.  But on other plays he was not overmatched like he had been in preseason.  

The Browns gained 5.7 yards per carry on the ground, which is outstanding.  We were not terrible on offense.   We were terrible at pass defense, and also gave up acres of land on special teams.  We are going to miss special teams veterans like Justin Gilbert, Marlon Moore, and Barkevious Mingo.  

Why do we have Tramon Williams returning punts?  After drafting all those kids, is he really the best there as at punt returns?  He may not longer be a top cornerback, but on this team he is a key veteran.  Do we really want to risk a veteran defensive back on punt returns?  Hopefully we'll start to work in a young player back there in the near future.      


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