Saturday, May 23, 2015

GO FOR IT! My Proposed Rule Change for Kicking: No Ties via Extra Points.

   My proposal for the NFL is to modify the extra point rule as follows:   Force teams to go for the lead rather than the tie.   NFL players, and more importantly to the NFL, the networks, hate tie games and indeterminate game lengths.  They also think that two point conversions might be more exciting than the boring one point kicks.  So how about not allowing teams to kick for a one point conversion when they are behind by one point?  Instead, make them go for  two points and either take the lead or fail and fall behind.  

The NFL is concerned that the Extra Point is boring, and teams have too many tie games at the end of regulation.  So what does the NFL do?  Allow the Extra Point to create more tie games.  

So, suppose one team scores a TD and kicks the extra point.   They go up 7-0.  Now the other team marches down the field and they score a touchdown making it 7-6.  Now, however, they are not allowed to go for a one point conversion.  They have to go for two so that at the end of the play it is either 8-7 or 7-6 but it is not a tie.  Similarly, I wouldn't let teams tie the game in the second half with a field goal.  Go for the Hail Mary, a way more exciting play than watching some soccer guy kick the darn thing.  Going for a TD or two point conversion is much more exciting and decisive, as the strategy of playing for a tie is not only boring, but contrary to the desires of players and friends who want to go for the win. 
This is going to greatly reduce the possibility of tie games, which is what the NFL says they want to do.    You could still have tie games, but they would be much less frequent.  

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