Friday, December 20, 2013

NFL: Here is How to Reduce the Number of Tie Games

  The NFL hates tie games.  More precisely, the TV networks hate it, because they need predictability in order to schedule programming, and overtime messes with that.  But everyone hates tie games, so that obliges the NFL to play several overtime games per year.  

   My suggestion is that most of these ties in regulation can be prevented by a simple rule change:  

Don't allow teams to kick the ball to create a tie in the fourth quarter.  If a team is behind by three points, don't allow the other team to kick a field goal.  Make them go for the touchdown.  It's much more exciting anyways to see the quarterback throw a Hail Mary pass into the end zone rather than watch a field goal kicker boot the ball. 

At the end of the game, wouldn't you rather see this, instead of an attempted field goal?  

Similarly, if a team is behind by seven points and they score a fourth down touchdown, don't allow them to kick an extra point to send the game into overtime.  Make them try to score the two point conversion for the win right there.  This is almost a same chance of success anyway.  The stats show that the chances of making a two point play are about 45%.  If you go to overtime, it's 50-50 whether your team will win.  

In the 4th Quarter, teams should have to go for the win, not the tie.   Go for two!

    It would still be possible to have a tie game, but the likelihood will decrease significantly.  For example, you could still have a tie game if the score is initially tied prior to the fourth quarter, and stays tied throughout the fourth quarter.  Or, suppose some team is down by two points and they score a safety.  Or if a team is down by 8 points, they could get a touchdown and a 2 point conversion to tie. 

   If you want to be really fanatical about it, you could impose the rule earlier, so that even in the first half you would have to go for it on fourth down rather than kick a field goal to tie it.

    The extra point is the most boring play in football, anyway.  Why not give teams a reason to go for two more often?  Stop having so many tie games in regulation, and everyone will be happy.   

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